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Found My People

How Connecting To My Ancestral Roots Enriched My Life & Can Do The Same For You!


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Debut at #1 Amazon New Release

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Benefits of Reading the Book

  • Come learn about this and be inspired! 

  • Learn the power of knowing your complete Identity!

  • The Author, Editor, Launch Coach & Publisher are all of African Descent  both on and off the continent. 

  • Making "Found My People" a RARE book

  • REJECT the LIES of yesterday!

  • EMBRACE the GREATNESS in your DNA!

  • Get answers to the questions:

  • Is there any proof that melanated people are exceptional?

  • Why are we the only group in the USA that has had SO MANY names to describe us? Negro, Colored, Black, African American and now BIPOC!

  • Why are we familiar with all types of food but NOT African food? 

  • Why have most of us never even tasted African food when we are called African Americans?  Is this true of any other group?

  • What if any is the legacy of enslavement and can it be nullified in your life?

  • What does it mean to connect to African culture? 

  • How can knowing my full identity help me?

  • What could it mean for my life if I do visit Africa?

  • How do I deal with people who are not happy about me connecting to my roots?

  • For native Africans:

  • What does my rich culture look like to one just discovering their roots?

  • Make An Inspiration Chain! Each One Link One!



The Tina Ramsay Podcast

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"Unlocking African Ancestral Connections:
A Conversation With Visceral Connections Coach Richard Kweku EzeAgu Akinyemi”
The All things black podcast

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Embrace Your African DNA!
A Discussion with Donna of The Urban Mommy Podcast

What Does It Mean To Embrace Your New Found Culture
A Discussion With Camille of The Coffe Chat With Camille Podcast

Deal By Me Podcast.jpg

Very Inspirational and Transformative Episode!
A Discussion with James of the Deal By Me Podcast

As a Nigerian, “Found My People”, allows me to see our majestic continent, country, and people through the eyes of the author; and it gladdens my heart that this excellent work exists, as it displays how rich and special our culture is here in Nigeria. We need to appreciate more, what we have , as a people, and so blessed with by the Almighty God!
If you like great stories filled with humor, history, family, cultural pride, and a happy ending, then this book is for you! And perhaps you, too, will come to experience the culture and people of Nigeria!"

The Honorable Abike Dabiri Erewa

Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission

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About the Author

 Richard Kweku EzeAgu “Eze” Akinyemi is the Visceral Connections Coach (VCC).

His inspirational book “Found My People, nearly ten years in the making, is a testament to how passionate he is about connecting the disconnected to the culture in their DNA. Eze believes that each disconnected African descendant can have a “revelation day” that will immeasurably enrich their lives and be nothing short of transformational.

That is what happened for him in 2013 when he visited Africa by way of Nigeria for the very first time. As he stood on the sands at Badagry beach, Eze had an experience that can only be described as visceral: with tears streaming down his cheeks, he considered that he and his daughter were the first people from his family to stand on African soil since his ancestors were so brutally taken from the continent hundreds of years before. It was there Eze received the poem “It’s In Your DNA”, encouraging him to “reject the lies of yesterday and embrace the greatness in his DNA”.

“You are an Igbo man!” These are the words Eze heard from native Nigerian Igbo people in each of the four cities he visited - Abuja, Abeokuta, Lagos and Badagry.

“You are a Yoruba man,” the native Nigerian Yoruba's in those same cities told him when they considered his features. A DNA test confirmed that on his Father’s side, Eze is a member of both the Igbo and Yoruba people which are two of the largest people groups in Nigeria. The DNA test also confirmed that on his mother’s side, he belongs to the Fante people of Ghana. Eze legally changed his name to reflect his heritage. Eze is also passionate about helping individuals and small businesses thrive! In addition to his work as a VCC, Eze owns a SME (Small to medium enterprise).

He is an exceptional trainer.  Eze served as the Chapter Chair for SCORE (Service Corps of Resource Executives), a small business counseling service organized under the US Small Business Administration (SBA). Initially volunteering as a business mentor for two years, Eze garnered national attention for the chapter with his outside-the-box thinking and management style when he stepped into the role of Chapter Chair. The model he established is still being utilized nationwide, and in honor of his outstanding accomplishments, Eze was awarded the “Chapter Chair Emeritus” status. He also served as a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Board Advisor.

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